Dance The Newyork

New York Sessions 1985-86

Songs from the album "Dance The Newyork"

Brian Briggs Sir David O'Clock: Dance The Newyork

Brian Briggs Sir David O'Clock: Timeship

Brian Briggs Sir David O'Clock: Nightsea Crossing

Brian Briggs Sir David O'Clock: Nevada Moda

Tony McMaster Sir David O'Clock: Brooklyn Beat

Brian Briggs Sir David O'Clock: The Merchant


Recorded at Hell's Kitchen, Rogue Music and Home 108 studios, New York City, 1985 1986
Produced by Brian Briggs, Tony McMaster and Sir David O'Clock
Music & Lyrics by Sir David O'Clock

Performed by:
Sir David O'Clock vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussions, programing
Brian Briggs vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussions, programing
Tony McMaster bass, programing
Jean McAllister vocals, keyboard
Gabor Lukin guitar, keyboard
Julia Wallace vocals
Chris Cameron vocals
Sound engineers: Brian Briggs and Tony McMaster
Cover photo: Ray Charles White, 1985
Cover design: Sir David O'Clock, 1998
Released by iNteRNeTTo / TCTC, 1998
Copyright 1998, TCTC

Curriculum '98

Brian Briggs & Sir David O'Cock
Photo: Julia Wallace
Rogue Music Studio, New York City, 1986

Sir David O'Clock
Photo: Julia Wallace
Home 108 Studio, 1986

Sir David O'Clock
Stylist: Dion
Photo: Ray Charles White
Parrot Castle, New York City, 1985

Music videos:

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